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Council Head – Mr. Yoram Israeli
Date established: 1982, through the combining of 3 local councils
No. of settlements – 32: 19 kibbutzim, 8 moshavim, 3 planned residential communities and 2 Arab villages.
Surface area under its jurisdiction: 22,000 hectares.
Population: approximately 26,000 people.
The kibbutzim: Adamit, Eilon, Afek, Beit Haemek, Ga'aton, Gesher Haziv, Hanita, Yehiam, Yasur, Cabri, Kfar Masaryk, Lohamei Haghetaot, Matzuba, Saar, Evron, Ein Hamifratz, Rosh Hanikra, Regba, Shamerat
The moshavim: Ahihud, Bustan Hagalil, Ben Ami, Betzet, Liman, Netiv Hashayara, Amka, Shavei Zion
The planned communities: Oshrat, Klil, Nes Ammim
The villages: Arab-el-Aramshe, Sheikh Danoun.

The Regional Council extends from the sea shore on the west to the mountain range along the Maalot-Karmiel line in the east, from the Haifa suburbs in the south to the Lebanese border in the north.
The area belonging to the Regional Council borders on the cities of Akko and Nahariya, the Maaleh Yosef, Misgav and Zevulun Regional Councils, and the Municipal Councils of Shlomi, Kfar Yassif, etc.
The region has an abundance of mountains, natural forest and nature sites (the Rosh Hanikra grottoes, M'arat Hakeshet cave, Nahal Kziv and Nahal Betzet (streams) etc., many nature preserves and parks (Nahal Yehiam preserve, Rosh Hanikra National Park, Achziv National Park, etc.), and natural and organized beaches (Achziv Beach, Betzet Beach, and Nahariya Beach nearby).
The Work of the Mateh Asher Regional Council – Services Provided
The Regional Council provides compulsory and non-compulsory services in the fields of environmental protection, welfare, education, promotion of women's status, the elderly, health and security, and engages in the construction of public and educational buildings and the development of the regional council's and the region's infrastructure.
The Regional Council has an ISO standard of 9002 – 2000 in the field of the quality of its services, and is meticulous about providing quality services to the residents in the region under the council's authority.
Mateh Asher Community Center
Mateh Asher Community Center offers a wide variety of social, sports, cultural and artistic activities:
  • Dance Studio – in Kibbutz Gaaton. It specializes in modern dance. Lessons are offered to students from the first to the twelfth grades, including matriculation in dance. The dance workshop is meant for students of 18 and over, and trains the students to be professional dancers.
  • Music Studio – It specializes in stringed instruments and offers individual instruction on a variety of instruments, theory lessons, and various ensembles, including a vocal ensemble.
  • Cultural and Arts Center – offers a wide variety of classes for adults – plastic arts (painting, country-style painting on wood, etc.), hiking groups and learning about sites in the country, bridge, etc.
  • Also under its auspices are theater and concert subscriptions, cultural events, evenings of communal singing and representative groups.
  • Sports – competitive volleyball, gymnastics, fencing, basketball and soccer teams, as well as non-competitive classes and sports events.
  • Activities for children, teenagers and the community – In most of the communities the regional council provides regular instruction for children and teenagers. The community center organizes camps, trips and events for children and teenagers during vacations and on holidays.
The Western Galilee Foundation for the Elderly:
provides leisure activities and support for the elderly population under the Council's responsibility in a variety of institutions, and runs the Naveh-Asher Day Center for the Elderly in Ein Hamifratz; a school for retired adults in Amka; a community support program; provides "meals on wheels" and organizes trips, holidays and cultural activities.
Promotion of Women's Status:
The Council chairman's advisor on the subject of the status of women provides services in a variety of fields for the advancement of women in the family, in society, in the economy and in the area of employment, and aspires to gender equality and the inclusion of women in all these systems.
The Education System in the Jewish Sector of the Regional Council
One of the Regional Council's principal goals is the development of a quality school system, and in the 2002-2003 school year it even won the Minister of Education Prize.
Almost every member settlement has a local nursery school and kindergarten system.
Elementary Schools
Afek School Kibbutz Afek Nature and environmental studies Absorption of new immigrants from Ethiopia
Mayanot School Kibbutz Cabri Experimental regional school Fostering of multiple intelligences and choosing study topics
Gvanim School Naaman Site Experimental regional school Education for tolerance; work based on exhibitions
Hofei Hagalil School Kibbutz Gesher Haziv Musical school (instruments) Children learn mediation
Regba School Moshav Regba Experimental regional school Creative learning centers
Galim School Naamin Site Special Education school for children with multiple learning disabilities
Hursha School Naaman Site School for children with communication disability
Middle Schools and High Schools
Manor Middle School Kibbutz EilonWorks in small groups: "culture concept".
Manor High School Kibbutz CabriExperimental regional school Emphasis on theater arts and music
Sulam Tzor Kibbutz Gesher Haziv Experimental regional school (middle and high school) Technological and social education streams
Ofek School Kibbutz Evron Experimental regional school (middle and high school) Plastic arts streams; emphasis on social education
Western Galilee Regional High School joint school of three regional councils: Mateh Asher, Maaleh Yosef and Shlomi
In the Arab Sector Elementary school in Aramshe and Sheikh Danoun; Hashalom Comprehensive Secondary School in Sheikh Danoun
Institution of Higher Learning
Western Galilee College – BA studies under the academic authority of Bar-Ilan University, studies in practical engineering, preparatory courses (for students lacking matriculation credits), etc.
The "Ntiv Express" company provides relatively infrequent transportation services for the northern Mateh Asher member settlements: approximately 2 to 6 entries to a settlement a day.
The frequency of public transportation on the main highways (#4, #89 and #899) is greater.
The Community Center and the Regional Council are in charge of organized transportation for taking children to school and to Community Center activities.
Places of Employment in the Region
Nahariya Hospital; Hof HaGalil – Treatment Center for Children, Adults and the Family; Miluot Concern (factories); Western Galilee College; The Ghetto Fighters' Museum; factories in kibbutzim: IMA in Ein Hamifratz, Tivull in Lohamei Haghetaot, Shefa Yam in Eilon, Regba Kitchens, Maadanei Yehiam, Barmad Evron, Polyziv in Gesher Haziv, etc.; Bar-Lev industrial area (beside Moshav Ahihud); Nahariya industrial area; Shlomi industrial area; Tefen industrial area – in the field of hi-tech; Goren Industrial Park in Maale Yosef; Akko industrial area and the Haifa area
Regional Bodies that Support the Economic-Employment Activity
  • Manpower Miluot – functions as a regional manpower center.
  • Western Galilee Tourism Association – supports tourist institutions and the marketing of regional tourism.
  • MATI Western Galilee – provides guidance and advice for entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Mateh Asher Economic Company – operates economic ventures in the fields of waste water, tourism and small businesses.
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